We are a specialized practice devoted to the care of people with cancer and to the prevention and eradication of malignant disease. We strive to combine the activities of patient care, prevention, education, and research to benefit our patients. We adhere to the following moral principles to guide our service and bond our patients and staff together in the difficult task of contending with cancer.

  • Respect for the people for whom we are privileged to care for is our primary concern
  • Such respect affirms the value and dignity of life
  • Our goal is to cure disease, reduce suffering, and achieve an acceptable quality of life, as defined by the patient with the help of healthcare professionals; the presence of cancer may justify, but not demand heroic measures.
  • Diagnosing cancer is not just an identification of a disease, but may carry with it serious emotional and, social, and financial burdens for patients and those close to them, including the burden of making and living with difficult choices. It is our responsibility to offer support and assistance by providing patients and those close to them with the information they need to make decisions.
  • Patient information is confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties without your consent. All information must be recorded accurately and communicated responsibly. Access brings an obligation to protect patient privacy and personal interests.
  • Through clinical prevention services, and education we strive to reduce the incidence of cancer and serve people who m ay never be our patients.
  • We commit ourselves to further progress against cancer by sharing knowledge, skills, and ethical values.
  • We who serve in this practice, have specific roles and responsibilities, yet are equal in our capacity to serve our patients: and individually bears an obligation to our patients.
  • Cancer therapy, prevention, education, and research are costly endeavors demanding conscientious stewardship. Every effort will be made through all means to provide quality of care to each patient