We offer assistance in processing claims as a courtesy to our patients. In order to do so, you must provide complete and correct insurance information to avoid delays in payment. Claims are filed within two working days form the date of service at no additional cost to you.

IF you are a member of a managed health care group such as HMO, POS, or PPO, we request that you or your designated family, friend, or contact know and follow the rules and regulation of your insurance carrier. We participate with most major insurance carriers; however the industry is changing and your coverage may change as well. On your first visit, you will be asked for your insurance coverage cards and we will review your insurance benefits as it pertains to your oncololgy/hematology care.

You will need the following documents:

  • Authorization forms
  • Co-payments
  • Insurance card(s)
  • List of medications or the medications themselves
It is also necessary to have the following for each visit:

  • All necessary authorization forms
  • Co-payments
  • Insurance card(s) List of medications or the medications themselves
Also let our office staff know if your insurance requires pre-certification for hospital admission or any other procedure. This information would be indicated on your insurance card or in your insurance handbook. If it is not, call your insurance carrier. We can help you in obtaining most authorizations and/or pre-certifications except in the case of weekend or emergency hospital admissions. You will be responsible for notification to your carrier in those cases. Please note that pre-certification cannot be handled after the fact.

Situations usually requiring pre-certifications are:
  • Admissions
  • Scans
  • MRI's
  • Home health care
  • Injections and some chemotherapies
  • Some outpatient services
You will be required to pay for any denied charges if you do not oversee your coverage.


If your carrier is Medicare Part B, we will complete and submit all forms on your behalf.

We are participating Physicians and accept their allowed amount for our services. They will then only pay 80% of what they allow after you have met a calendar year deductible. You are responsible for the remaining co-insurance of 20%.We will be happy to help you with any information regarding Medicare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that all Laboratory work will be billed to Medicare only. You will not be responsible for any amount that Medicare does not pay on medically necessary Laboratory work that is ordered by your physician. They will send you an Explanation of Benefits that identifies the service as Diagnostic Lab.

Secondary/Supplemental Insurance

As courtesy, we will file to your secondary /supplemental insurance carrier after the primary carrier has paid their portion, assuming we have all information necessary at the time of service. If we do not have that information, you will be responsible for the balance due. Due to the constantly changing status of all insurance, Medicare and Medicaid plans, our participation is always subject to change and current, participation is not a guarantee of continued acceptance of these plans. For this reason, any change in your plan must be disclosed and discussed with our office staff.